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If you would like us to include your organisation on our database, please send us the following items by post. Once we complete our verification process, we will Insha-Allah include your organisation on our database. Please note that if we discover that your organisation promotes or engages in terrorist activities, we will immediately inform authorities in your home country.


Requirements for inclusion on our database:

Charity registration certificate


Audited accounts & reports of the latest date


Activity reports, project reports, photographs, video, etc.


Testimonials from renowned persons & organisations in your country


Declaration that your organisation condemns all forms of violence and does not promote or engage in any terrorist activities.


We also need the following details:

  1. Name and Addresse of Organisation

  2. Land Telephone Nos.

  3. Mobile Tel. Nos.

  4. Email and Web Address

  5. Name of Principal

  6. Year Organisation Established

  7. Organisation Registration Details

  8. Type of Institution

  9. Girls or Boys

  10. Total number of boys

  11. Total boys boarding

  12. Total number of girls

  13. Total girls boarding

  14. Yearly running costs

  15. Bank Name & Address

  16. Bank Account Name

  17. Bank Account No

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